closing a few doors…

photo: prague castle, october 2012 This cancer thing is pretty humbling. I gotten through the diagnosis, the surgery, the chemo, the worst of the side effects and sort of thought I’d be able to bounce back quickly. Not so much. I was warned by the team that it’s not going to be a fast transition back to a full-life as a cancer survivor. I listened … Continue reading closing a few doors…

the argument against the unusual

photo: supermoon, march 11, 2019 I’m not really a conformist. I was born and raised in a conservative province, and in a conservative household. From a fairly early age, I realized that I held some deeply different views and opinions and politics than most everyone around me. I was an unusual product coming out of my environment. How I became such a leftist, I’ll never … Continue reading the argument against the unusual

being a cancer patient

photo: italy (cinque terre), august 2009 I really sort of fell sideways into being a cancer patient. I went from having a large lump that needed to come out, just because of it’s size, to learning that in that lump invasive cancer had already taken hold. From June to early November 2020, I thought I just had, at worst, a pre-invasive cancer. Suspected DCIS. Once … Continue reading being a cancer patient

it takes a village

photo: lake geneva, switzerland, october 2017 I’m nearly at the mid-point of my second chemo cycle and I’m starting to turn the corner from death-warmed-over to I-feel-very-crappy. It’s nice to actually feel hungry, rather than eating because you know you need to. Last cycle I had the excitement of Christmas and all it entails to give me a little boost and to see me through. … Continue reading it takes a village