part 1: what is happening? (aka 2nd AC chemo and the US Capital)

photo: princess margaret cancer centre (nurse agnes and the red devil), january 2021

8:00am – Much, much more hair chose to evacuate the premises during the morning shower.

10:30am – The Covid screener at the front door of the hospital saw me and said “You’re here for chemo.” It wasn’t a question. It threw me a bit. I guess once you see enough of us, you get to know the look? Normally the screener starts with, “Do you have an appointment here at Princess Margaret today?”

11:00am – Had a hard time finding a good vein for my treatment. Seems my veins are deep and slippery. This will always be hard. Good news – only 6-more treatments to go!

1:30pm – Came home and ate some pizza. Gotta get that last meal in before the nausea and lack of appetite hits. I’m sure pizza isn’t the preferred meal of my doctors. But it was tasty.

2:20pm – Crawled into bed and took anti-nausea meds at the first stomach flip. Hoping this helps. Last time, I waited until I actually felt like I might need to vomit. Experience leads to learning and this is gold.

3:00pm – Started getting texts about the US Capital take-over by Trump supporters. Unbelievable. I should be napping now, but am riveted to these live streams. Oh, America. Trump is your tumour. You need some chemo. Please let Biden/Harris administer it to you.

3:55pm – Getting more and more tired. I think I will soon loose the battle w/ the live streams. Where is the National Guard? Does the nation not need guarding now? Have been drinking as much water as I can take in. The chemo is dehydrating + I want to get the meds flushed through my system as soon as possible. So far, I’ve had 1 litre since I’ve come home.

4:00pm – Have a ringing in my ears. I remember this from last time. I think it lasts a few days before going back to the normal ear hum (too many loud concerts and earphones in my life).

4:10pm – Headache might be setting in. Unsure if it’s because I didn’t have a coffee today, or the chemo. Could go either way. Biden is speaking. Nice to have an adult speaking to Americans again. Hope they listen.

4:15pm – Enough is enough is enough.

4:20pm – Starting to feel hot flashes in my hands and feet. This happened on the first day last time, too. It’s odd, but kind of comforting. It’s like I’m getting hot pockets put on my feet and hands. Also, starting to feel some additional stomach stuff. Going to rest and let the chemo do its thing.

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