the argument against the unusual

photo: supermoon, march 11, 2019 I’m not really a conformist. I was born and raised in a conservative province, and in a conservative household. From a fairly early age, I realized that I held some deeply different views and opinions and politics than most everyone around me. I was an unusual product coming out of my environment. How I became such a leftist, I’ll never … Continue reading the argument against the unusual

part 1: what is happening? (aka 2nd AC chemo and the US Capital)

photo: princess margaret cancer centre (nurse agnes and the red devil), january 2021 8:00am – Much, much more hair chose to evacuate the premises during the morning shower. 10:30am – The Covid screener at the front door of the hospital saw me and said “You’re here for chemo.” It wasn’t a question. It threw me a bit. I guess once you see enough of us, … Continue reading part 1: what is happening? (aka 2nd AC chemo and the US Capital)


photo: las vegas, april 22, 2018 (hbd!) If you know anything about chemotherapy, it’s probably that people undergoing treatment loose their hair. You probably also know that being tired and feeling nauseated go along with it. But really, it’s the hair that is the most quickly comes to mind. Nancy, the oncology nurse said that on my particular chemo cocktail (oh, to have an actual … Continue reading hair